Premium Wood Pellets

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Hull’s Sawmill is pleased to now offer premium wood pellets for a premium price.  Our wood pellets have been tested by professionals and customers and have come out on top!

Pellets  come in either a 1,000-1,200 lb. super sack or 35 lb bucket.  Super sacks can be loaded and unloaded with a forklift and then transported to your pellet stove as you see fit.  Super sacks are $125/each.Pellet Sack

“The bucket method for transporting pellets has proven to be effective.  It is $4.00 for a 35 pound bucket (plus a $2.00 bucket deposit).

Pellets hand bucket


The bucket method is fabulous!  They are easy to handle. Our small pellet stove takes exactly one bucket and our large stove takes exactly two buckets when empty. This way, we don’t have any messy bags laying around. It is better for the environment, our budget, and our stoves run much more efficiently. We have been pleased.” Christen, owner of 2 pellet stoves.

Pellet BucketPellet Buckets

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